Powder Metallurgy Advantages

In the quest for low-cost, high-quality parts, you’ll likely come across several options. None of these options will bring the combination of excellent surface finishes, net shape, environmental friendliness, a wide variety of alloy systems and cost effectiveness like powder metallurgy will.

Powder metallurgy is an efficient and versatile manufacturing process that creates both ferrous and non-ferrous parts. Powders are fed into a die and compacted under pressure. The resulting shapes are then sintered in a furnace to bond the particles together, a process that produces very little waste.

Powder metallurgy technology allows for the manufacturing of complex and unique shapes that simply aren’t possible with other metalworking processes. Considered a “Green Process,” powder metallurgy uses scrap metal to make many of the powders used today and then eliminates the excess chips and other waste produced by other forms of metalworking. Catalus is proud to be a leader in creating environmentally sound products for its customers.

When it comes to long-term performance reliability in your critical applications, powder metallurgy sits above the rest as a superior choice.

Top Benefits of Powder Metallurgy

When you choose powder metallurgy parts from Catalus, you’re getting:

  • Very little or no machining
  • Minimal to no scrap or waste
  • Close dimensional tolerances
  • A wide variety of alloy systems
  • Heat-treatable materials for increased strength or wear resistance
  • The ability to combine multiple parts into one

Catalus’ powder metallurgy parts are also customizable with face details and logo/labeling options of your choosing.

Whether you’re in the market for parts for the automotive, appliance, lawn and garden, marine, outdoor recreation or other industries, Catalus delivers top solutions. Choose from iron-based, stainless steel, non-ferrous, brass, bronze and other materials for your parts.