Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

For more than 70 years, Catalus Corporation has upheld an industry-leading standard of providing top solutions for our customers. Catalus provides advanced manufacturing solutions in research and development and product specification production.


Research & Development Solutions

Catalus has an entire facility devoted to research and development. It’s our firm belief that when we work directly with engineers from start to finish, we produce a superior product. Our aim is to boost your competitive advantage by listening to your individual needs and iterating until we mutually arrive at the perfect product.


Product Specifications Solutions

Whether it’s ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel or self-lubricating products, we are renowned for our efficient and versatile powder metallurgy manufacturing process. We create components using a “Green Process” that will save you money while cutting down on environmental waste.


Value-Based Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Catalus leverages powder metallurgy advanced manufacturing solutions for several reasons. Not only is powder metallurgy an environmentally sound process, it’s also a cost-saver that combines top-notch surface finishes, net (and near net) shape and a variety of alloy systems. With close dimensional tolerances and heat-treatable materials for increased strength, powder metallurgy stands above all other metalworking processes for your next product.


Industries Served

There’s almost no limit to what you can do with Catalus’ powder metallurgy products. From appliances to auto parts, electronics, tools, industrial motors, marine and lawn and garden products, we can create custom parts for your industry.