In 2011 Catalus took big step in developing it’s plan for the future when we purchased almost 11 acres of land in the Industrial Park at the St. Marys, PA Airport. Over the next several years the management team began developing a long range plan as to what the facility should look like, how it should be laid out, and what would be needed to construct a state of the art powder metal manufacturing facility. Beginning in 2015 Catalus began seeing significant growth as well as even more growth opportunities. As a result of the growth, SMC decided it was time to put the wheels in motion on our new site. Fast forward to late 2017 when the building design was completed and Catalus broke ground and the construction began.

The new building is currently under construction at 286 Piper Road in St. Marys. At the front of the building there will be an office complex that will accommodate the administrative offices currently located at 267 Eberl Street in St. Marys. Directly behind the offices is the manufacturing area specifically designed to optimize product flow from one end to the other. The plan is to receive powder in at one end of the building and ship parts to our customers from the other end.

In total, the new facility will have more than 100,000 square feet under roof. All new production lines established by Catalus will be located in the new facility. By taking this step, Catalus is ensuring we have the space to support new growth. With two manufacturing facilities, it also allows Catalus some better options for contingency planning and backup should the need arise. By establishing all new productions lines in St. Marys, this will allow us to establish a dedicated research and development facility for powder metal components at our Galeton location.

As the initial construction at the new facility is slated to be completed in late 2018 the Catalus management team decided that it was the right time to move forward with a new name. Catalus has a long, proud, family history that dates back to 1939, and that history helped us evolve into SMC Powder Metallurgy. While the history remains a big part of how we got to where we are today, we see the Catalus identity helping us to establish ourselves as a world class powder metal components manufacturer.