Catalus’ Metallurgical Research and Testing

Adding to our facilities, we’ve recently transformed a portion of our 112,000 square foot Catalus production center in Galeton, Pennsylvania into a green, dedicated metallurgy research and development facility. In fact, the Catalus Research Center is the only dedicated R&D center in the entire powder metallurgy industry. Powder metallurgy is a green technology which works well as we are surrounded by 8,000 acres of state game lands, the new facility is easily accessible from New York City and the rest of the East Coast.

powder metallurgy product mold green

Advanced Manufacturing Research and Innovation at Catalus

Our engineers bring a deep knowledge of metallurgy research, manufacturing, support and innovation, which translates into significant cost savings throughout the powder metallurgy process.

Whether you’re in the automotive, marine, lawn and garden or any other industry, our team works closely with you to create innovative design concepts on state-of-the-art software that truly lets you see how your product will turn out, so there are no surprises when it rolls out. You might need modification or assembly on a part – whatever the case, we dig in and ensure everything is dialed in before we build the tools and make the parts. It’s our way of keeping you competitive in today’s market, while ensuring you’re prepared for future challenges.

Why Work With Catalus

Ever since we started in 1939 as a carbon plant, our family-owned company has led the way in innovation. In the 1950’s Catalus began producing powder metal components as we began our venture into metalworking innovation. During this time the carbon plant continued to focus on their product line and still produces product today in the original facility. The Catalus dedicated metallurgy research and development facility uses the most advanced manufacturing research and innovation tools. We also employ the top engineers in the nation to ensure you are happy with every single product we create for you.