How to Collaborate with Catalus on Your Next Project

We welcome your team’s engineers into our brand new, state-of-the-art research and development facility in Galeton, Pennsylvania with the goal of creating high quality, cost-effective powder metallurgy products.

Your team may come in with a fully-formed concept or just the spark of an idea. Whatever the case, we work with you to understand design constraints, how the product will be used in the application and to identify opportunities for improvements.

We then perform modeling, kicking off the back and forth process of design collaboration until your engineers and ours have formulated a plan for the best product we can create. Our advanced engineering group will help streamline every step of the process to the point where we consider ourselves an extension of your team.

To assist with new product development, Catalus offers an up-to-date metallurgical lab using equipment that has undergone a rigorous test methods assurance program. Whether it’s creating a new product from a blank sheet of paper or modifying an existing part, we work with you on every detail to produce net or near net shape products you’ll be proud to use in your next application.

Because when you succeed, we succeed.