From powdered metal to the finished product, the powder metallurgy process is environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. Powder metallurgy involves mixing, forming and sintering at our state-of-the-art production facility in St. Mary’s Pennsylvania.

Powder Production

Materials can be admixed, pre-alloyed, partially alloyed or a hybrid alloy (which allows pre-alloyed or partially-alloyed powders to be blended with elemental or ferralloy additions.) Type of powder used can include iron based or copper based.

powdered metal used in the process of powder metallurgy
advanced manufacturing machine used in powder metallurgy process


Using mechanical and hydraulic presses, Catalus performs cold compaction, warm die compaction or warm compaction, with multiple cavities possible in many cases.


There are a few considerations when working with green parts. First, they are quite fragile, so automation is used when possible to pick parts off the press, de-burr them and move them from the press to the furnace. The types of sintering offered by Catalus include de-lube, conventional, high temperature and sinter-hardening. The sinter-hardening process, often used as an alternative to secondary heat treatments, involves loading the part into the furnace where it undergoes pre-heating, high heat, then gaseous nitrogen cooling before exiting the furnace to be tempered.

sintering process of powder metallurgy
products manufactured during powder metallurgy process

Secondary Operations

Catalus offers plating (in trivalent zinc chromates, nickel, nickel zinc or chrome). We also offer coatings, resin/oil impregnation and machining, which can include drilling, tapping, honing, milling, lapping, grinding, turning, hard turning and reaming. Thermal treatments are also available, both with steam treat and with heat treat. Secondary advanced manufacturing capabilities include welding and assembly, resonant testing, specialized packaging, sizing and repressing along with de-burring.

Catalus is a proud leader in powder metallurgical engineering industry. We offer advanced manufacturing and world-class powder metallurgy products. Whether you have a product you’d like to replicate or simply an idea for a product, we can assist in bringing it to life. Learn more about the advantages of powder metallurgy at our research and development center.