At Catalus, our capabilities allow us to engineer high-quality powder metallurgy solutions for our customers. Powder metallurgy helps eliminate waste and offer the opportunity to combine two or more parts into one. Explore our various advanced manufacturing and powder metallurgy products below.

ferrous powder metallurgy products manufactured by Catalus

Ferrous Parts

Much of Catalus’ work is on the ferrous side of powder metallurgy products. Thanks to recent developments in the powder metallurgy process, these metals are yielding higher strengths and densities to better meet service AND durability requirements. At Catalus we work closely with our material suppliers and like to involve them in helping us come up with the most advanced manufacturing solution available. Many materials can be induction or conventionally heat treated for enhanced properties. Sinter Hardened materials offer properties approaching heat treated materials, but can be lower cost and offer more dimensional stability based on how they are processed.

Catalus offers a wide range of ferrous alloys. Our on-site materials engineers work with our customers to select the best candidate for each part. Material properties for structural components are listed in the MPIF Standard 35. These materials can provide maximum wear resistance, good shock loading ability, high tensile strength and more, depending on the alloy used. Learn more talking with the metallurgical engineers we have on staff.

Stainless Steel Parts

Stainless steel is another option for powder metallurgy products. Stainless materials are often specified for corrosion resistance, but there are also blends available that are weldable and designed for high temperature applications. Catalus offers several varieties of stainless steel, including those requiring a high temperature sinter. If you are looking at an application where stainless steel may be the material of choice, our on site material engineers can help you select the best option.

powder metallurgy products made from stainless steel