For more than 70 years, Catalus Corporation has upheld an industry-leading standard of providing top solutions for our customers. As part of our expertise, Catalus provides advanced manufacturing solutions in research and development and product specification production.

Innovation Drives Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

In order to stay ahead in today’s markets, Catalus Corporation has dedicated a portion of our Galeton facility to research and development. Here we can work with new materials, new tooling concepts, 3D design and then take the concept to the production floor and try it out. By having our engineers work with the metallurgical engineering community and our customers, we continue to come up with new and innovative products, and this translates into a competitive advantage for both.

5 innovative products developed by Catalus advanced manufacturing solutions
gears developed by Catalus advanced manufacturing solutions

Capabilities & Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Whether it’s ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel or self-lubricating products, we are well known for our efficient and versatile advanced manufacturing capabilities. We create components using a “Green Process” that will save you money while cutting down on environmental waste. Part of what makes powder metallurgy so efficient is the significant reduction in scrap throughout the manufacturing process. Powder metallurgy also improves product consistency, is cost efficient, and offers faster speed to market.

Value-Based Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Catalus leverages powder metallurgy advanced manufacturing solutions for several reasons. Our powder metallurgy advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce components that other manufacturing methods aren’t capable of producing. Not only is powder metallurgy an environmentally sound process, it’s also a cost-saver because of our ability to produce parts to or near-net shape, and that reduces waste and secondary operations. With close dimensional tolerances and heat-treatable materials for increased strength, powder metallurgy stands above all other metalworking processes for your next product.

Man working on advanced manufacturing solution from Catalus
Milling advanced manufacturing solution

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions for Specific Industries

Advanced manufacturing is often associated with specialized industries such as aerospace, or medical technology. Because Catalus supplies powder metallurgy products for a wide range of industries, we can adapt our advanced manufacturing processes to better serve all the markets we sell to. From appliances to powder metallurgy auto parts, electronics, tools, industrial motors, marine and lawn and garden products, we can create custom parts for any industry.