Catalus Powder Metal Products

Bringing with it the ability to work with a variety of metal types, powder metallurgy is a superior, cost-effective and environmentally friendly process.

Powder metallurgy helps eliminate waste and allows for the joining of two parts when needed. Explore our various powdered metal products below.


Ferrous Parts

Much of Catalus’ work is on the ferrous product side. Thanks to recent industry developments, these metals are yielding higher strengths and densities to better meet service requirements, something previously only available with wrought materials. They can also usually undergo a secondary heat treatment as a key treat and temper or the induction process.

Ferrous alloys offered by Catalus include iron, copper and carbon; copper and steel; iron and nickel and several others. These materials can provide maximum wear resistance, good shock loading ability, high tensile strength and more, depending on the alloy used. Learn more by reading our complete ferrous parts specifications.

Stainless Steel Parts

Stainless steel is generally specified for corrosion resistance. It also offers a higher strength than other metals and is generally weldable. Catalus offers four varieties of stainless steel, from those suited for extensive machining to non-magnetic and non-machinable to one that includes carbon for increased heat treatment response.


Self-Lubricating Bearings

In our self-lubricating bearings production, we begin with a bronze powder, press it, sinter it and impregnate it with oils. These are perfect for protecting rotating shafts, pulling the heat out of the oils and wicking it back into the bearing. Catalus offers a wide variety of self-lubricating bearings from those with graphite to diluted bronze, iron, carbon and iron-graphite.